About Us

The story of Pickups is a story about my grandmother, and about space. Not outer space, but the space we live in, and how it helps form who we are.

When my grandmother immigrated here from the Dominican Republic, she found that she'd come at the perfect time for creating opportunities out of simply being where she was. Retailers had discovered affiliate marketing, and homemakers - including many immigrant women like herself - were able to put food on the table through their relationship with their community, by delivering what they wanted. I loved listening to my mother's stories about growing up visiting with cousins in warm, loving apartments, each with its own wall packed almost to the ceiling with tantalizing boxes of inventory for the next month's sales.

Today, we spend more time in our homes than ever. It's more than just a place to eat and sleep on our way to someplace more important. But as our citeis grow, the logistics of serving each individual space becomes more and more complex. And that's when it hit me - if we're already reimagining our spaces and how we live in them. what if we could find a way to use our spaces that would actually benefit our community - and ourselves?

Pickup started small - as a neighborhood-based solution to eliminate stolen packages. But like my grandmother's business, it's grown to truly take advantage of the space city dwellers have in our homes. Just by setting aside a little space, we're taking trucks off the street, and carbon emissions out of air-all while getting the things we order faster and putting some money in our pockets along the way.

Everyone wins.
I think my grandmother would approve.

Gabriel Cepeda
Founder | CEO

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